Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog Closed

For all things Lisa, go to

For all things Megan, check her out on Facebook or make friends with her in real life. She's lovely.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Here!

A big thank you to everyone who supported us at Fringe 08.

In other news: we're both doing shows for the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

Here's Megan's
Here's Lisa's.

Also, Lisa has a website here and a writing blog here.

This blog is hereby diggity-DONE. See you around!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Our First Week Down, the First Review Up!

The first week of shows is finished, with a packed crowd every night! Thanks to all who came and laughed.

Our first review has appeared in the Groggy Squirrel, Australia's most comprehensive comedy web site. Read it here!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Festival Hub is GO

The Festival Hub is opened! So you can now buy tickets in person at Federation Square, at the info booths.

We already have one show close to selling out (less impressive when I point out how tiny the venue is) So go! Go now and book!

Or just turn up early on the night. Hurly burly early.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Get You Tickets Now!

Hey hey hey y'all,

We've been checking the sales reports and tickets are flying out the door. It's a teeny-tiny venue, so if you wanna catch us, pre book your tickets ASAP! There may be tickets at the door on the night if avaliable, so get there early if you can't plan ahead.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

About the Venue

The Glasshouse Hotel, sister venue to the fabulous Dante's on Gertrude Street, is a lovely place. We're so lucky to have our show there!

Drop in early for a pre-show dinner and drinks, or on friday stick around for Melbourne's best Drag King show!

Cast Bios

The co-performers, Megan and Lisa, have performed spoken word comedy at two Midsumma festivals and around Melbourne over the last three years. This is their first event performing longer than 8 minutes. They met doing Arts (Professional Writing) at Deakin Uni and do freelance writing in their spare time (mostly apart).

Lisa-Skye Ioannidis is a Melbourne-based editor and writer. She has performed in a few spoken word events, including True Teen Confessions (2006), Words on Tap (2007), as well as co-organising three Midsumma shows, two of which sold out: Come As You Are (2007), Come as You Are II: Come Harder (2008) and Femme Fever II (2008).

Megan Petrie is a Melbourne-based writer, performer and teacher. She has written, directed and organised various short play evenings, including having a play performed at the Melbourne Arts Festival (2001). Apart from various Midsumma appearances, she has taken the mic at various open poetry/spoken word evenings in Australia and worldwide.

Chris Goodes, sound design and technical manager: Sound Engineer and Mixer at Soundfirm Melbourne. Film credits include Hero, Curse of the Golden Flower, The Jammed, Rogue, Japanese Story and Clubland.

Media Release for Our Fringe Show

The 'G' in Goth, The C@#t in Homewares

AKA ‘The “G” in Goth, the C-Word in Homewares’ to our friends in radio. Two queer girls, two acts of anarchic comedy. Lisa’s a goth whose veneer of pretension’s wafer-thin as her attention span. Megan weaves a story around vaginas fleeing bogan owners, as the strangest, most normal characters invade her body to tell their story. Both have lots to say about pop culture and poser MySpace girls pashing each other for the sweaty-palmed amusement of beefy onlookers.

Lisa comes to stand-up via spoken word and comedy writing. Her performances sway from high to low culture in a blink. But don’t think she’s a deep thinker. Under the surface, there’s just more surface.

Once Megan woke and believed she was a burly Scottish sailor. He wouldn’t leave until she exercised him out with highlandish grunts. Megan’s writing toes the line between her, reality, and surrealism: a growth from the milkshake of uncertainty.

Chris Goodes does sound. He’s more used to working on Chinese War Epic films (true!) but he’ll give it a bash.

Delirious, loving, surly, outlandish, spiteful comedy. Come if you like some straight stand-up along with something more out there. Or if you’ve an alternative bent, you like c-words and g-words, you’re queer, a filthy goth, hippy or parent of one, or you’re a hipster, because god knows they’ll turn up to anything for fear of missing out. Geeks, Freaky-deakies,1337s and n00bs alike welcome. And have a gorgeous dinner with drinks at the Glasshouse pre-show!


Samples of Lisa's spoken word can be found here.