Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Media Release for Our Fringe Show

The 'G' in Goth, The C@#t in Homewares

AKA ‘The “G” in Goth, the C-Word in Homewares’ to our friends in radio. Two queer girls, two acts of anarchic comedy. Lisa’s a goth whose veneer of pretension’s wafer-thin as her attention span. Megan weaves a story around vaginas fleeing bogan owners, as the strangest, most normal characters invade her body to tell their story. Both have lots to say about pop culture and poser MySpace girls pashing each other for the sweaty-palmed amusement of beefy onlookers.

Lisa comes to stand-up via spoken word and comedy writing. Her performances sway from high to low culture in a blink. But don’t think she’s a deep thinker. Under the surface, there’s just more surface.

Once Megan woke and believed she was a burly Scottish sailor. He wouldn’t leave until she exercised him out with highlandish grunts. Megan’s writing toes the line between her, reality, and surrealism: a growth from the milkshake of uncertainty.

Chris Goodes does sound. He’s more used to working on Chinese War Epic films (true!) but he’ll give it a bash.

Delirious, loving, surly, outlandish, spiteful comedy. Come if you like some straight stand-up along with something more out there. Or if you’ve an alternative bent, you like c-words and g-words, you’re queer, a filthy goth, hippy or parent of one, or you’re a hipster, because god knows they’ll turn up to anything for fear of missing out. Geeks, Freaky-deakies,1337s and n00bs alike welcome. And have a gorgeous dinner with drinks at the Glasshouse pre-show!

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